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Hi and welcome to my website!


When I was 4 years old, I made a steering wheel out of a paper plate. I taped sticks to my tricycle for gears and made a driver seat. Voilá! I was so proud! "Look Mom! I've made myself a CAR!"  I also pulled tiny leaves off the mesquite trees and sold them as "flower seeds" to my neighbors. Dang if I didn't come home with loads of coins. 


I have grown up always being interested in art. I love the idea of using my eyes to become inspired, my head to think about what I want to do and my hands to make it all happen.


It gives me great joy to create beautiful

things that make

people smile.


I am obsessed with looking for and discovering amazing things and it gives me great joy to create beautiful things that make people smile.


I love art history, photography, interior design, decorating, color and music. I express myself through these things and I make the most of the talent I have been blessed with.


I would love to make something for you!



Kathy Ingram


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